Monday, May 31, 2010

Homeschooling Teen Online Magazine

Many Homeschooled Teens like mine, find the time to pursue a particular talent or interest and "Homeschooling Teen" magazine may give them the opportunity to hone their skills and interest in writing. Some Teens are not naturally inclined toward writing but might be motivated by being 'published' and by seeing how their review or article could be of interest and help to others.

Check out this great resource for Homeschooling Teens- by Homeschooling Teens!

They accept informative articles, creative writing and even cartoons.  I love to see creative resources and opportunities like this for Homeschooled young people. Go ahead and sign them up for the ezine and let us know if your teen decides to send something in to the magazine so that we can be sure to support their efforts!

Have a wonderful week - MeritK


  1. Hey there! I like this idea. Do you know that Felice Gerwitz with media Angels has one for the younger ages? It is great!
    It is nice to meet another crew mate!

  2. Rodna - thanks for the info about Media Angels. I love Felice's materials! I am glad to "meet you" too :) Thanks for stoppin by!


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