Monday, May 31, 2010

Light Speed Video Learning Review

Cerebellum is a company that provides lots of great tools for parents who decide to Homeschool for the High School Years. They have different lines of DVD materials available including video study materials for the Advanced Placement Exams. These DVDs include a quick review of the material the tests will cover and a workbook on DVD that you can use from your computer to practice for the AP test.

Our family was asked to review the "U.S. Government and Politics" AP Exam Prep DVD and share our ideas and opinions with you.

The DVD was a great way to review and study the material that students will have covered prior to using the DVD and the Digital Workbook that is included with it. The material is presented in an interesting way. The "lecturers" are young people (actors) who are giving the information quickly. It moves right along with 30 topics briefly covered in 30 minutes. The Light Speed Home Video Learning DVDs all include test taking tips as well which will help to prepare your student for taking the AP Exams successfully!

We thought this was a bit dull, but the subject matter was the issue (all those endless dates to memorize-sigh!), not so much it's presentation!  We have looked at a few Test Prep programs this year (ACT etc), and it is my ninth-grade daughter's opinion, that the DVD was better than only having a workbook.

I looked at the College Board's website to see how the subjects covered coincide:

You can see that the Cerebellum Corp. obviously took into careful consideration the topics that should be covered and it looks to me as though the material they covered on the DVD would adequately inform your student of what will be required of them on the test. 

The DVDs are available at the Cerebellum Corporation's website here for $49.98 (but they are $10.00 off right now!):

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