Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Natural Pest Control

While we were on our vacation to the Creation Museum in Kentucky, they had several workshops and presentations, including one of our favorites from Ron Dudek about "Carnivorous Plants"!

We learned about some of our NC native plants including pitcher plants and the venus fly trap.

We were thrilled, because at last we knew how to care for the venus fly trap plants. I always have been fascinated with them, but never wanted to buy them, because I just knew they would always die. Now, thanks to Ron, I know that they like peat moss and perlite only and distilled water only and you can only activate their 'trapping mechanism' 5-7 times before it runs out of energy and dies without 'food' (meaning bugs!)

So Andy bought me two! Like a proud new mama, I took pictures of them when we got home. If you look carefully, you can see that one of the leaves is closed on a tiny fly! We were all so excited - we must have ten pictures of these plants :)

Well, they should have plenty of bugs to keep them healthy around here and I am enjoying my new "All Natural Pest Control" !

The Creation Museum trip was a great educational and fun vacation and you can find out more about the plants as well as the "expert" on carnivorous plants here:

Have a great week!