Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Friend Can Even Give you A Spider...

OK... well she really gave me these lovely flowers from her garden along with the cutest, little green garden SPIDER.

The spider has since escaped into my house somewhere, unless the cat ate it when she knocked over the flowers the other night!

Thanks for my flowers Laura, and for all the excitement they have brought along with them :)

On another note, I have noticed that I have posted a lot of pics of my Kitchen table and so I pledge to try and include others areas of my home and the outdoors in future blog postings so that you won't get sick of seeing my favorite green checked tablecloth all the time! I really do love it though- it is so cheerful. My other favorite Tablecloth is a red gingham one - maybe I will post a pic of that one later-lol!

I really love my kitchen!

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