Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Grape Jam!

Finally I have time to post pics of our grape jam processing - I will have to post about why it took me so long later!

Of course this is how they start out - fresh picked from our own organic vines right out my back door!

We got around 41 pints of Grape Jam from three types of grapes

Here are the pretty purple grapes!

These turned out a more "rosey" color- they are the best though! The orangy colored grapes are more of a "juice" grape, but Andy wanted to try jam from them first since juice always gives less of a yield. They taste good as jam, but they look sorta bad, so we call that our "Ugly" Jam!

We had a ton of fun with this project and it was lots easier than doing jelly - plus we kept the added nutrients in the skin of the grapes. 

Hope that you are all having a terrific week !

Merit K 


  1. Oh you are so lucky to have grapes. I love making different jams but I have never tried grape. Yours look great. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment...thought I'd come say hi too! Love the grape jam...homemade is THE BEST! (I don't know how to do it but my mil does and she gives us some, often for Christmas, YUM!)

  3. I'm impressed, I am a Smuckers fan. However, if time allowed I would enjoy making my own everything! Delish... I'm thinking PB&J :)

  4. Oh wow! Very cool, and it looks so fresh and yummy:)

  5. This brought back such sweet memories for me! When I was a child, we had friends that grew Concord grapes. One year they had so many that we picked tons and canned them. We put up jelly, instead of jam, and it was so. much. work. Hmmm... I need to consider doing this with my children, this year.


  6. I love seeing you enjoying summer while we are just entering spring.

    We have grapes although I can't figure out the pruning and we didn't get many last year. I'll have to keep the grape jelly in mind in case we have a good crop one year.


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