Creative Learning Ideas

It was my goal from day one to teach my children in a way that would help them to keep their natural curiousity and love of learning intact! Here I hope to update you on links, ideas and activities that we have used in the past to help make our Home Education a lot of fun.

I hope you will try some of them out ! 

I thought that today I would share something that I posted on my “Creative Learning” yahoo group. I usually try not to duplicate content, (which can be hard with all the blogs I keep up!) so I tweaked this post to have a couple of ideas I didn’t post previously too.

Those of you who read here might not be aware that I also post ideas and freebies that I come across at that Yahoo group – so you can check out the side link if you would like to join us in our discussion of creative (and inexpensive) ways to learn for Homeschoolers or Classroom Teachers!

I have just always thought that paper dolls are cool. When I was a kid, I used to love make my own fashion designs for my paper dolls! Paper dolls can be a fun (and low tech) summer activity that might keep your kids away from the TV when it is too hot to play outside

Making their own paper dolls gives your kids a great (non-messy), opportunity to be creative and they are versatile, inexpensive (sounds like a Homeschoooler’s dream!) and they can also be used as a great learning activity or for a Learning Center. We love to use them as puppets- just add craft sticks!

This morning (while Twittering) I found this creative website that has ideas for teaching, using paper dolls. It is not free, but they do offer free worksheets and stuff when you join their email list:

Of course Dover Publishing has historical paper dolls that you can purchase for any historical time period or event you can think of! So if you are looking for a different activity, try setting up a center with some paper doll activities to go with your latest history or literature lesson or letting them act out the story or event with the ready made characters and you can find the “Klutz” book of paper dolls in a lot of different places too. Some of my favorites are the paper dolls that go with the “Laura Ingalls Wilder” stories too. Here is the Dover link:

Another great teaching tool that we purchased to use in our Homeschool was Bible Paper Dolls from Doorposts publishing. We had loads of fun with these inexpensive resources. We used them for creating our own puppet shows and acting out Bible stories. Even the boys liked the Bible “dude”!

If your kids like the Mercer Mayer stories (great summer reading fun!) “Little Critter” paper dolls are available here free:

Billy Bear has lots of fun activities for your kids – some online and some are printable too, including an idea for making a Paper Doll “You” - that makes a great "begining of the year" activity for a classroom or Sunday School as well!

Here are templates and ideas for you to make your own cute Paper Dolls here:

Danielle’s Place has adorable paperdolls of cute critters such as a doggie, an alien and a “Weather Bear”. This website is sure to raise your “creativity quotient” once you check it out: