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I really believe in communication skills and one really great resource that I have come across has been written by JoJo Tabares. She has taken her knowledge of communication and her personal experience and turned them into a winning combination when it comes to teaching children and adults about how to make sure we are actually communicating with one another.

My children have used her elementary student products and I have gleaned a lot from her products for adults. I love the way that she has understood the importance of play as a tool for teaching in the Pre-school years.

Below you can see the information on the Pre-school Pack that is available at the Old Schoolhouse Magazine Store. These are E-Books that help you to help your preschooler "Say What You Mean". These materials are geared toward helping you to teach your preschoolers communication skills that they need. Good communication with your youngsters helps them (and you) to avoid the frustration that they can feel with not being able to make others around them understand "what they mean"!!!

As a member of the "TOS Crew" (The Old Schoolhouse Curriculum review team), I was asked to read and review this preschool curriculum and let you know what I think of it. We received a download of the Monthly lesson plans, e-books and music MP3 for the Unit on Transportation.

I previously enjoyed teaching in a pre-school setting, as well as teaching my children at home during their pre-school years and I thought that these lesson plans for pre-schoolers contain lots of fun ideas for teaching through "hands- on" activities and directed play, in a very well organized unit which is easy for the teacher or parent to use. These thematic units could easily be adapted to both the pre-school classroom and a home education plan.

I really liked the way the lessons have ideas for teaching through activity and play, but also provide information on how children learn. Skills that are worked on throughout these lessons include; verbal communication, phonics & reading skills as well as the subjects of Science and Math.

The lessons include information on how to teach subjects like Reading and Math in a concrete and fun way that will allow those students who are ready to read and do Math to excel, but doesn’t pressure the child who is not yet ready. The lessons are good, but the teacher’s information is really invaluable for either the experienced pre-school teacher who wants to be reminded on regular basis how children learn best, or the new pre-school teacher or Homeschooling parent who has no idea where to start with their child.

The lessons encourage the teacher or parent to reinforce the ideas to the children throughout their regular daily activities with the children and not just at a specific “lesson time” which is very important.

As I mentioned, we received The ABC March recording, as well as a one month Science Unit on Transportation, Unit on teaching Letters and Letter Sounds and 4 weeks of Math Lessons/calendar. We also received simple e-books which coordinated with those topics. The items co-ordinated well and the e-books are simple but colorful and fun looking!

The Units such as we received to review, are available for $25.00 each. They do have yearly curriculum sets available. The Curriculum is available as a download, or in print.

You can try a free trial by signing up on the website:

you can find Homeschool Curriculum information here:

and Preschool Curriculum info here:

May God bless you as you begin to look forward to your learning journey with your precious pre-schooler!  

As stated in my review, I received this curriculum free of charge so that I could review it and give my personal opinion of this product. As valuable as my opinion may be to some of you :) it is only my opinion, and no monetary reimbursement was received in return for my review!

Young Minds “Numbers and Counting” From Math Tutor DVD

This Video is award winning for a good reason!

Young Minds “Numbers and Counting” is a beautiful and entertaining educational video. This is the kind of video I would have sat on the floor and watched with my children in my lap when they were little.

It not only provides a visual learning experience for your children, it also provides a great opportunity for interaction with your young child. It is a fabulous excuse to make animal noises and engine noises with your babes! And when you are not making noises, you and your child can enjoy the lovely, mind opening, classical music and colorful photography.

I started to watch the video alone for this review (I really need to borrow a toddler for some of these reviews) and I bravely endured the mockery from my “oh so mature” Teen and Tween children as they walked by, each with some scathing remark about me learning to count! By the time the video got to the puzzles at the end of the video, each of my children were sitting in there with me J

We watched the puzzles section together, and I promised not to tell their friends.

The price of the video is $19.99

You can see a video sample online here:

Merit K

The video and the Math tutor DVD set that I reviewed for this company, were given to me so that I could review the products in full and provide you with an assesment. The opinionated views expressed in the blog are my own (unless otherwise noted) and I have not received any other compensation for my review.

KinderBach is such a clever idea! This online program makes piano lessons fun for the kids and convenient for Mom. I knew that there was research that showed the importance of music education to young children, and I loved that KinderBach had links on their site that show the value of including a good music program along with the 3 “Rs”:

Some music programs do not teach children to play right away, and they get discouraged. And of course when you are a parent of small children, it can be difficult to get out of the house for a regular lesson (not impossible, just not easy!) It can also be expensive to get private lessons, especially if you have more than one child that you would like to include.

KinderBach’s online lessons for ages 3-7, addresses all of those issues that can keep us from getting music lessons for our littlest ones.

The program uses playful characters (Piano Pals) to teach notes, reading, rhythm, singing, and composition. Your children get all the basics right in the comfort of their own home and what a wonderful time of interaction with your young children! I wish I had known about this when my children were small!

KinderBach uses proven teaching methods for this age group (3-7 Year olds), including hands on activities with the keyboard, games and amusing visualizations and of course – Music!

You can try a free lesson online, look at samples of the lessons and a syllabus online before you spend a dime.

You can try the lessons free here:

The online program that we "Crew Members" received as a free trial included 240 web lessons and pdf files to download. It was very user friendly and the lessons were cute. Sadly, my kids are tweens/teens now and are too old for this, but I went through some of the lessons and the website myself and kept thinking how much fun it would be to use this program and how really practical it was!
 I just wanted to borrow a pre-schooler

In my opinion, their quality product, well thought out lessons and customer satisfaction policies all reflect their concern for families. They offer a free trial and a 30 day money back guarantee, so there is no risk!

Additionally, if you purchase their DVD’s or CD’s, they have a lifetime replacement warrantee, no matter why you need it. (And if you have small children, you never know when you will need it!)

A Year’s membership to KinderBach online is available for Monthly payments of $19.95 for 12 months or a one time payment of only $95.88 gets you access for a year at a discount. You can check that out right here:

They have lots of other products and choices here at their website:

Thanks for letting me share about this with you!

Merit K

I received a free trial of the online lessons in order to try them out and let you know what I think about this product. No monetary compensation was received for this review and no matter what my Teenager says, I still think the Piano Pals are adorable.

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